Birthing Guidance
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Birthing Guidance is a personalized two day training. It is designed to educate and prepare the birthing person and their birth partner for labor and delivery without a doula present. 



  • Feel more confident and prepared for labor and delivery

  • Effective communication for the different stages of labor

  • Practice and discuss a variety of comfort measures

  • The birth partner learns the most effective ways to help and be present during labor

  • Bond with your birth partner

  • Explore breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Get questions answered and calm your fears

What to Expect:

This option is for families who cannot have a birth doula present during labor and/or delivery. Please note that if you are delivering in a place that is not currently allowing doulas, you can still have a doula with you while you labor at home. This training is designed to help you and your birth partner feel more confident in the absence of a doula. Birthing Guidance is not needed if you have decided to hire a labor doula.

During the two day training, we will role-play and discuss comfort measures and birthing positions, go over general labor and delivery education including the stages of labor, establish the roles and expectations of the birthing partner, go over any questions that you have, and discuss your birthing plans. 



The price for the Birthing Guidance Training is $199.


* All payments are made before the first session takes place. 


This is a wonderful gift to place on your registry!